De​ntist For Anxiety Patient’s

Dentist for anxiety patient’s

Dental anxiety is something that patients find hard to explain, we are a dentist for anxiety patients in Perfect Smile Hungary with an Irish dental clinic.

Our experienced Hungarian dentists come to Wexford every 4 weeks, we are well used to looking after patients with dental anxiety.

At Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in Hungary we are a professional dentist that welcomes anxiety patients.

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Let us know that you have dental anxiety

All that we need to know is that you have some dentist anxiety issues or phobia.

We can then make your consultation in Wexford as stress free as possible.

Fintan Duggan is your local person to ring for a consultation in Hungarian dentists Wexford.

His number is 0873490104, don’t be afraid… now

We welcome all new patients whether you have a dental anxiety or not, give Fintan a call now on 0873490104.

People that hate going to the dentist put it off for years, this isn’t good for oral health, it’s never too late to make that appointment.

Our dental care team from Perfect Smile Dental clinic Hungary are lovely people.

They speak perfect English and are very happy to help with easing your anxiety.

According to a recent study that includes patients from France and India, as many as one in two people (46%) had some degree of anxiety at the thought of going to a dentist.

17.3 % of those studied were found to be highly anxious, whilst 7-12.67 % were found to be extremely anxious.

What are the causes 

Dental phobia or anxiety is more common than you might think.

Here are the most common causes and solutions to help you overcome your fears.

A fear of pain causes patient’s anxiety 

A fear of pain is probably the top answer to what are the causes of dental anxiety.

At Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary our dentist for patient’s anxiety completely understand this fear.

Please don’t be afraid because even though certain treatments are a bit uncomfortable for the patient we use local anesthesia or sedation to keep you calm.

A previous negative experience

Very often a previous negative experience in a clinic can people off attending regular dental check-ups.

Perhaps the negative experience happened when you were a youngster, those thoughts stay with you and create dental anxiety.

We completely understand how you feel, our Hungarian dentists for patient’s anxiety will put you at ease.

Feel at ease on your first visit to the Wexford clinic.

Contact Fintan your local Irish coordinator to arrange a free dental anxiety consultation on 0873490104 in Wexford.

A fear of needles causes patient’s anxiety 

A fear of needles is very real for a lot of people, its known as Trypanophobia.

It’s common not just in dental clinics but also in hospitals or GPS surgeries.

The pain involved in having a needle put into your arm is miniscule compared to breaking a leg or hurting your back.

Nonetheless there are people afraid of needles, however irrational it is, speak to Fintan on 0873490104.

He can tell you about numbing gels to make injections more comfortable.

The cost of treatment can cause anxiety 

The cost of treatment can bring on some anxiety, how am I going to pay for treatment?

If cost is an issue for you, consider calling Hungarian Dentists Wexford for a more affordable dental anxiety care experience in Hungary.

The cost of dental treatment in Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Hungary with aftercare in Wexford is more affordable, Fintan can tell you more.

Give him a call at any stage on 0873490194.

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Losing control 

When a dentist asks you to open your mouth for an examination, some people feel that they are losing control of the situation.

The thought of losing control brings on dental anxiety, our dentist will reassure you to alleviate patients anxiety.

If you feel this way, contact our dentist for anxiety patients on 0873490104.

We know that feeling, we want you to feel relaxed about your consultation, we will walk you through every step and keep you informed.

How to relieve dental anxiety

Perfect Smile Dental Centre and Hungarian Dentists Wexford want the best possible experience for you, our dentist for anxiety patients is Dr Tamas.

He is very professional, in his 30’s very friendly, calm and reassuring, you will feel at ease the minute you meet him.

All the fears that you have disappear, when you meet our dentist for patient’s anxiety.

Fintan will give you a consultation date and time to suit you, his number is 0873490104.

Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre are friendly and professional, we offer a wide range of options for dental anxiety patients:

  • Sedation
  • Creams that numb the discomfort
  • Local anesthesia for the majority of treatments
  • General anesthetics for the more complex cases
  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Flexible free consultations
  • Free airport transfers
  • Very affordable accommodation

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This blog entitled dentist for anxiety patients was compiled and written by Fintan Duggan local coordinator for Hungarian dentists Wexford.

We hope that you will put your faith in Hungarian Dental Implant Centre Hungary.

We will take care of you just like we have with all of our patients over the last 20 years.

To find out more about getting a free dental anxiety consultation in Wexford ring Fintan at any stage on 0873490104.

We do all of our aftercare and check-ups in Wexford, we know from experience that regular check-ups are so important, even more so, when dental anxiety is present.

Regular check-ups can help our dentist to identify the signs of tooth decay or more serious issues before they get any worse.

Dental implants with gum disease 

We welcome new patients.

Perfect Smile dentists Hungary welcome dental anxiety patients

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