My Teeth Are Embarrassing

My teeth are embarrassing You are not alone or are you the first patient to admit my teeth are embarrassing. We perfectly understand how you feel, our Hungarian dentists in Wexford can help. Feeling embarrassed by the condition and appearance of your teeth is not unusual. Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary can offer treatments …

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Perfect Smile Budapest

Perfect Smile Budapest Perfect Smile Budapest are the words that people search for as they look for information on Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary. It’s perfectly understandable that sometimes the name of a reputable dental clinic such as Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary is temporarily forgotten. The purpose of this article is to …

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Dentist That Take New Patients

Dentist that take new patients Have you tried finding a dentist that takes new patients.? You have just found Hungarian dentists Wexford where we warmly welcome new patients. Our new patients come to us for professional advice on treatments in Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary. Our Hungarian dental clinic has been in operation for …

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Dentists Taking New Patients

Dentists taking new patients It’s becoming more and more difficult to find dentists taking new patients especially in Ireland, where demand for dental treatments is high. Leaving that aside, the cost of dental treatments in Ireland is incredibly high especially when treatment includes dental implants, bridges, crowns or veeners. The options for new patients seeking …

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De​ntist For Anxiety Patient’s

Dentist for anxiety patient’s Dental anxiety is something that patients find hard to explain, we are a dentist for anxiety patients in Perfect Smile Hungary with an Irish dental clinic. Our experienced Hungarian dentists come to Wexford every 4 weeks, we are well used to looking after patients with dental anxiety. At Perfect Smile Dental …

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Why Are My Teeth Coming Out

Why are my teeth coming out Tooth loss is a cause for concern, if you are losing teeth and want to know why are my teeth coming out, this article gives all of the answers. There are a number of possible causes why teeth can fall out, they include gum disease, osteoporosis, teeth grinding, injury …

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Best Type Of Dental Implants

Best type of dental implants Nobel, Straumann, BioHorizons are all dental implants but which are the best type of dental implants, is it all on 4 or all on 6, or single dental implantation.? Are dental implants artificial Yes, dental implants are essentially the root of artificial teeth that is surgically implanted into the jawbone. …

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W​hat Are Emax Crowns

What are Emax crowns What are Emax crowns is a very good question, this post reveals all the information on the two most commonly used dental crowns, Zirconia and Emax. You may be wondering what is the difference between Zirconia and Emax crowns. ? Indeed, you may also want to know which dental crown is …

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Perfect Smile Dental Care

Perfect Smile Dental Care Hungary stands out from the crowd.

Because of the most professional, modern, state-of-the- art dental treatment clinic that puts the patient first.

In fact, Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary has stood ths test of time.

Over 35 years of providing top class dental care in Hungary followed by aftercare in Wexford.

We pride ourselves on making sure that you get that Perfect Smile dental care, that is what you pay for, and that is what we deliver.

Perfect Smile dental care image

Perfect Smile reputation

Perfect Smiles reputation is something that as dental professionals we treasure the most, a dental clinics reputation is hard earned.

We are very happy for you to read some of our Irish patients testimonials.

It has taken 35 years for us to achieve this high standard.

When you call Fintan 0873490104 our local Irish coordinator in Wexford he can tell you more.

Our Irish clinic is located in Wexford where every four weeks Perfect Smile dental care send a team of dentists and assistants.

They go to Wexford to provide free consultations and aftercare.

If you would like a professional dentists opinion on dental treatment care in Perfect Smile Hungary call Fintan now on 0873490104.

Professional dental care

Professional dental care for you the patient means that from your very first meeting with Hungarian dentists in Wexford you feel entirely comfortable.

Our staff have your best interests at the forefront of their minds.

We want to do our best for you, we want to provide the perfect smile that you desire.

A new set of teeth can make the world of difference to your self-confidence and your wellbeing.

Not to mention eating better, tasting food and smiling.

Dental care of the highest quality in Hungary comes at a price that should be affordable.

We offer quality professional low cost dental treatments.

What types of dental care does Perfect Smile offer

At Perfect Smile Dental clinic Hungary the types of dental care that we offer range from simple composite bonding, crowns, veeners all the way to dental implants.

Composite bonding is basic filling around decayed teeth, crowns are a cover over decayed teeth.

Veeners improve aesthetics whilst implants replace missing teeth.

When you begin your journey to getting that perfect smile we will examine your teeth, gums and bone in great detail in Wexford.

The condition of your teeth, gums and jawbone and your own physical condition will have a bearing on which dental care treatment is best for you.

No matter how bad a condition your teeth are in….

I’m sure that our experienced Hungarian dentists will be able to offer treatment options for you.

To us quality means that you can expect to be looked after professionally the minute you step through the door of Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary.

Fintan Duggan Hungarian dentists Wexford image


Fintan Duggan Hungarian dentists Wexford wrote this post Perfect Smile dental care.

Have no doubt…..

The quality of materials, the most up to date diagnostic equipment, professional staff and quality aftercare (Wexford) awaits you in Hungary.

Don’t delay, give Fintan a call on 0873490104, make that appointment in Wexford, that perfect smile can be attained.


Perfect Smile dental care image

P​erfect Smile Dentist

Perfect Smile Dentist A Perfect Smile dentist is a dental clinic in Hungary where many patients from Ireland go to for professional dental treatments at affordable prices. Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary was established more than 35 years ago to offer top quality dental treatments to Hungarian patients. Hungarian dentists in Wexford is your …

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