Why Are My Teeth Coming Out

Why are my teeth coming out

Tooth loss is a cause for concern, if you are losing teeth and want to know why are my teeth coming out, this article gives all of the answers.

There are a number of possible causes why teeth can fall out, they include gum disease, osteoporosis, teeth grinding, injury and more.

At Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary our dental professionals could save a loose tooth, remove the tooth or replace it with a bridge or implant.

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Options to stop teeth coming out

If you notice that your teeth are loose or coming out, our Perfect Smile Dentists in Hungary have range of solutions that will help:


If the cause of loose teeth is teeth grinding a retainer can help to prevent the teeth from grinding.

Other treatments will depend on how loose the teeth are and the causes, contact us for a free consultation in Wexford.

Root planing and scaling

Root planing and scaling is a specialised treatment performed by a orthodontic dentist, the treatment treats and reverses gum disease.

This root canal treatment can help to prevent teeth coming out.

Mouth rinse or medication

A quality mouth rinse medication can help the infected gums to heal and combat unhealthy mouth bacteria.


A dental surgeon can use surgery to take out gum tissue that has become inflamed because of gum disease.

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Bone grafting

Bone grafting is a specialised treatment where new bone is grafted with existing bone to provide sufficient bone support for an implant.

Sinus lift

A sinus lift is performed under a local anaesthetic to produce enough bone just under the upper jaw (maxillary) to allow for dental implantation.

The upper jaw sinuses are filled with air and lie beside the nose, on top of the upper premolars and under the eye.

Soft tissue grafting

Soft tissue grafting or gum grafts can help people with gum disease to prevent teeth moving.

Diabetes treatment

The most appropriate treatment for diabetes is important to stop teeth coming out and to improve oral health.

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If a tooth is loose and is a worry, we may recommend a dental bridge or dental implants.

A dental bridge

A dental bridge is a sort of crown that is created in our dental laboratory.

It is created to fit over each side of where the tooth used to be.

The idea is that the bridge acts as a support for the artificial tooth.

A dental implant

A dental implant is ideal solution where a tooth has come out, it totally takes the place of the tooth root and the missing tooth.

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Why teeth are coming out- causes

As outlined earlier, there are any number of causes to teeth coming out, for example:

Gum disease

Gum disease is very common and affects roughly 40% of the population, gum disease causes the gums to become infected and inflamed.

This unhealthy situation is responsible for about 70% of tooth loss in adults.

Very often gum disease develops even after careful brushing and flossing because plaque gathers on teeth.

It contains harmful bacteria that sticks over time.

As the plaque begins to harden, it creates tartar, the tartar causes the gums to shift away from the teeth, gaps appear and can become infected..

As this progresses the bone and tissue that supports the tooth breaks down, the next phase is when the tooth becomes loose and may fall out.

Gum disease can be mild, it’s called gingivitis, the issue appears when plaque gathers between and around the teeth causing infection.

In its mild form gum disease can go on to become periodontitis.

The symptoms of which are receding gums, bleeding gums, chewing food is painful and teeth can fall out.

You will need to book an appointment with a dental professional for advice on plaque and tartar removal.

Symptoms of gum disease to look out for

These are the symptoms of gum disease to look out for:

  • Gums bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Your gums are red, painful, tender or swollen
  • Your gums seem to be receding
  • You notice teeth moving

If you have noticed any or all of these symptoms, dont delay, make that call to Perfect Smile dental clinic Hungary at our Wexford clinic, call Fintan 0873490104.

Pregnancy can cause teeth to come out

Teeth may be coming out because of pregnancy, elevated estrogen and progesterone levels during pregnancy can have an effect on mouth tissue and jawbone.

As these hormones become elevated the periodontium is changed, the periodontium is a combination of ligaments and bones that support teeth.

It also stops them changing position, so when the periodontium is harmed teeth become loose and start coming out.

What you should do

During pregnancy many changes affect the body, most go away naturally after pregnancy.

However if you experience pain in your teeth or they feel loose contact your dentist without delay.

Teeth that come out after an accident

Generally speaking teeth can take a lot of hardship, healthy teeth strong, but if any type of accident or perhaps a blow to the face happens.

The accident can cause huge discomfort and damage to the your teeth and the surrounding tissue.

The affected teeth may be loose, broken or chipped.

In the same way, teeth grinding during stressful times can wear down gum tissue and teeth become loose, they can also come out.

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Teeth can come out because of osteoporosis

Teeth can fall out because of osteoporosis, it is a serious condition that causes weakness in the bones, this makes them porous.

Even a small bump can have a significant impact and lead to a broken bone.

Osteoporosis is a common health issue especially as we age.

Osteoporosis not only affects hips, it also affects the spine and the wrists, it can affect the jawbone that supports the teeth.

The National Institute of Health have reported a feasible link between jawbone loss and the increased risk of disease in the gums.

Medications for osteoporosis

There are certain medications for osteoporosis that may be the cause of issues with dental health.

A drug called bisphosphonates in rare cases can cause teeth to loosen, and a reason for them coming out, the condition is called osteonecrosis of the jawbone.

Call Fintan anytime on 0873490104 if you have osteoporosis and want to know more about why are my teeth coming out and possible treatments.

Signs that teeth may be coming out

Look out for signs that teeth may be coming out or about to come out, we may be able to do something to help, here are the signs:

  • Some teeth are loose
  • Teethare are sensitive especially with hot or cold food/drinks
  • Teeth seem to change shape or colour
  • Teeth look worn down, cracked or chipped
  • Pain in your gums
  • Cheeks are swollen
  • A clicking jaw
  • Gums bleeding

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Dry mouth

Dry mouth occurs when there is insufficient saliva to wash away the dietary acids caused when you eat food.

The tooth enamel deteriorates, this issue is found in patients that have unhealthy diets where sugar and acids are prevalent.

By following a healthier diet consisting of low sugar, low carbs, and high protein can help to reverse the decline.

Appearance when teeth come out

There is no doubt, when teeth are out, a person’s appearance changes, change for the worse if front teeth are involved.

The appearance of ones teeth is important.

A big happy smile shows how content one is.

Especially when we smile, many come to Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in Hungary for treatment to improve their appearance.

Some are low on confidence and self esteem, we can help with a number of treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Fintan is the local coordinator in Ireland for Hungarian dentists clinic in Wexford.

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Here is a list of treatments to improve the appearance of teeth that we recommend:

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Veeners
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Invisalign
  • Composite bonding

The treatment that is best for you depends on the condition off your teeth and your health overall.

Our Hungarian dentists in Wexford will do a detailed complete examination of your teeth, mouth and gums.

We can then tell you the best way forward for teeth that are out or about to come out.

Fintan is the local coordinator in Ireland for Hungarian dentists clinic in Wexford, you can phone him anytime on 0873490104 for an appointment.

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Fintan Duggan is the local Irish representative for Hungarian Dentists Wexford.

He organises consultations in Wexford for Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary.

The answers and dental treatments are all listed in this article.

If you recognise some or all of the causes of teeth falling out, call Fintan on 0873490104 for an immediate consultation in Wexford.





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