Bad Teeth Fix

Bad Teeth fix

Are you looking for ideas for a bad teeth fix, are you struggling with bad teeth.,?

Do you have teeth that are chipped, broken, misshapen, discoloured or perhaps some of them are missing.?

There are a number of options available to fix bad teeth, from veeners to crowns to bridges to dental implants.

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Solutions for all types of bad teeth

There are solutions for all types of imperfect or bad teeth.

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In Hungary low cost treatments for a bad teeth fix are there for you.

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He is an expert in fixing bad teeth, discuss all of the options including how much each will cost.

Options for missing teeth

There are options for missing teeth, they include:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental crowns
  • Veeners
  • Implant supported dentures

Dental implants for bad teeth

If you have no teeth at all or one or more than one of your teeth are too bad to save.

Dental implants are possibly a good option for you.

We can supply and fit top quality dental implants starting at only €549 per implant.

The dental implant procedure will take two visits to Perfect Smile Dental Clinic in Hungary.

On the first visit

On the first visit to the state-of-the-art dental clinic Perfect Smile Hungary the implant post is drilled into the jawbone.

You will be given temporary teeth whilst the implant fuses to the jawbone.

For most of our patients this process takes 4-6 months.

At the end of that period the patient returns to Hungarian Dentists in Wexford for a check-up.

Assuming that the implant has successfully fused to the bone the second visit to Perfect Smile is arranged by Angelika the local Hungarian coordinator.

Second visit

On the second visit to Perfect Smile Hungary our experienced dentist will begin the abutment placement.

The abutment is screwed onto the implant and a dental crown is fixed to the top of the abutment.

The result for the patient is a brand new tooth or teeth and an excellent way for bad teeth fix or missing teeth fix.

In the event that dental implants are not the correct solution for you there are other options for a bad teeth fix.

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Dental crowns bad decayed teeth

Where teeth are decayed possible treatments include fillings, root canals, inlays and onlays or porcelain crowns.

Dental crowns are a possible solution for a bad teeth fix.

Crowns go over teeth that are badly decayed, crooked or chipped.

In the first instance the affected teeth need to be shaped in such a way as to allow for a dental crown to be fitted.

Dental crowns are like veeners in that they cover the entire tooth area.

They are good at providing structural support and hiding any teeth imperfections.

If more than one crown is needed or decayed teeth are in a row our dentist will create a dental bridge.

That is made up of multiple crowns that connect to each other.

This treatment as a bad teeth fix can be completed over the course of one a week visit to our Hungarian dental clinic.

Travel to Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary, where crowns prices Hungary begin at €285.

When teeth are decayed not only does the appearance cause concern but decayed teeth can contribute to bigger issues with oral health.

So its important not to neglect them, contact Fintan on 0873490104 for a consultation about bad teeth fix with Hungarian Dentists in Wexford town.

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Gum disease can contribute to bad teeth

Gum disease can also contribute to bad teeth by causing inflammation or an infection in the root of the teeth, root canal treatment is required.

Root canal treatment is carried out by an endontist, the infected pulp is removed from the inside of the teeth.

The dentist will clean and disinfect the treated area prior to using filling for the empty space.

Porcelian inlay or onlay

A porcelain inlay or inlay could be a further solution as a bad teeth fix.

The area that is decayed is filled with a porcelian inlay or onlay that a close match for natural teeth.

Similar to the root canal treatment the affected area will need to cleaned and disinfected before the filling, porcelain inlays or onlays are stain resistant and durable.

They look great and blend seamlessly with the remainder of the tooth.

There are so many choices as a bad teeth fix, contact Hungarian dentists Wexford on 0873490104 for expert advice on the best course of treatment for your situation.

Bone loss

As we age bone loss in the gums becomes an issue.

Where there is bone loss dental implants will not have a strong enough base to hold them.

In addition bone loss in the gums contributes to bad teeth, tooth crowding, teeth are misaligned and the face can appear sunken.

In this situation our Hungarian dentists in Perfect Smile Hungary can fix bone loss by implementing bone grafting or sinus lifting.

With bone grafting the dental surgeon will use bone matter from elsewhere in the body or from another source and combine it with the existing bone.

Over a period of 4-6 months the new bone will fuse with the limited existing bone.

This reinforces and makes the area sufficiently strong to take a dental implant.

Bone augmentation, bone grafting or bone correction are successful in 95% of cases.

A sinus lift is used like a bone graft but it grows bone organically in the sinus floor.

Zygomatic implants

Zygomatic implants are a possible fix for bad teeth, similar to a sinus lift they are used for the upper jaw.

They are longer that dental implants and they connect to the to the cheek-bone creating greater support.

They mean that bone grafting isnt required and the success rate is 96.7% after a period of 12 years.

Bad teeth that are misaligned

Bad teeth or crooked teeth that are misaligned can be fixed, possible solutions are braces, invisalign or porcelain veneers.

Crooked teeth are caused for a few reasons, tooth crowding, trauma, heredity, or unhealthy chewing behaviour.

Whatever the cause a crooked teeth fix involves braces, invisalign or porcelain veneers.

Traditional braces are probably not the best fix for crooked teeth.

Because of the length of time involved (2 years) to get them to work properly.

Invisalign is possibly a better crooked teeth fix because the timeframe to get them working properly is less at 12-18 months.

They consist of a number of molds that over the 12-18 months gradually correct the position of the crooked teeth, the results are impressive.

Porcelian veeners are perhaps the best bad teeth fix where teeth are crooked or misaligned.

Porcelian veeners are made from a thin shell that is fixed over the affected teeth with dental cement, they cover all teeth imperfections and make your Smile look amazing.

The veeneer procedure involves shaving a little bit of the tooth enamel off to allow the veeners to be fitted, the veeners will fuse to your own teeth.

With the recommended care a dental veener can last for 15-20 years.

In the majority of cases porcelain veneers are fitted in one week at Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Hungary, the low cost is a big attraction for patients in Ireland.

Give Fintan a ring anytime on 0873490104 to learn more about dental veeners treatment in Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Hungary.

Veeners for decayed teeth

Badly misshapened teeth

Bad teeth fixes that for badly misshapened teeth, malformed, chipped or cracked teeth are numerous.

The solutions include a number of treatments for example, dental implants, crowns and bridges or veeners.

Whilst the reasons for badly misshapen are either genetic or caused by physical trauma the solutions are much the same.

If it is a strictly cosmetic problem and the teeth are healthy in the main porcelain veeners are recommended.

If it’s a structural problem and cosmetic as well a crowns and bridges will be recommended to fix the misshapen teeth.

Dental implants may be used in situations where the badly misshapened teeth are difficult to restore or require extraction.

With the expert advice of our Hungarian dentists in Wexford you will be fully informed about the best course of action for your situation.

Teeth that are discoloured

Bad teeth come in all categories including teeth that are discoloured, this can be remedied by professional teeth whitening solutions that make a real difference.

Should teeth whitening not be successful or the issue is only with one or two teeth porcelain veeners may be recommended.

Porcelian veeners provide a convenient cosmetically aesthetically solution for teeth that are discoloured.

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Gummy smile bad teeth fix

A gummy smile (excessive gingival display) occurs when there is excessive gum tissue seen above the top teeth.

This is particularly visible when you open your mouth or smile, possible bad teeth fixes include porcelain veneers or therapeutic botox.

The issue arises when too much gum tissue exists, the dentist will use a local anaesthetic and laser scalpel to remove the excess tissue and reshape the gum.

Therapeutic botox is a commonly recommended method for TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) and tooth grinding (bruxism).

These treatments are also helpful in reducing the gummy Smile appearance.

Therapeutic botox is good to relax the muscles in the lips and around the mouth.

It could stop the lip from rising too much above the gum line when you are smiling.

Depending on the issues, our Hungarian dentists in Perfect Smile Dental Clinic Hungary may decide to use veeners to allow the teeth more prominence.

Therapeutic botox treatment only lasts approximately 4-6 months, whereas dental veeners are a better fix for bad teeth in these types of situations.

Overbite or underbite fix bad teeth

Possible treatments include jaw alignment surgery, invisalign.

An overbite or underbite can cause bad teeth, for instance teeth are knocked out of alignment.

Both are malocclusion types, so this bad teeth fix can be very effective.

Depending on what our Hungarian dentists find braces or jaw alignment surgery is performed.

A retainer is used to keep the teeth aligned, allowing you to adjust your bite naturally.

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Conclusion on bad teeth fix

This long post entitled bad teeth fix was researched and written by Fintan Duggan.

He is the local Irish coordinator for Hungarian Dentists Wexford and  Perfect Smile Dental Implant Centre Hungary.

A new smile with brand new teeth can do wonders for your self esteem and confidence.

Fintan is happy to take your call anytime to discuss your options in relation to fixing bad teeth.

We can fix bad teeth at the most affordable prices in Hungary with aftercare in Wexford.

His number is 087349004, he is waiting to take your call.


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